Bellbooknbengal Andromeda
Date of Birth:7-25-03
Sire: SGC Sierragold MountainTapestry
Dam: Snopride Crystal Ice
Another beautiful Brown Marble girl with tight pelt, long body, white chin, and very strong muzzle.
Large round eyes twinkle with mischief moments before she leaps into the older kittens' play.  This
little girl was the smallest in the litter, but has rapidly passed up her brother.   She is usually the
object of her sister's attention, and is the most outgoing of the three.  She is showing her
grandfather's coloring already, and will be a beautiful cat when she gets out of the "fuzzies." Sadly,
this little girl and her sister passed away due to a heart condition inherited from their father.
Updated 2-20-04