Bellbooknbengal King Arthur
Date of Birth: May 10, 2007
Sire: Foothillfelines Sir Pouncelot
Dam:Bellbooknbengal Avalon

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taken July
Updated 01-30-2010
White tummy with lots of spots!
Nice head shape; straight profile; large, green eyes (still changing color); small, rounded
ears; white throat and chest; full, white muzzle. The wide-eyed look is the same as his
grandmother, Inanna!
Short, thick,
straight tail with
rosettes and black
tip.  Horizontal
flowing pattern
with rosettes.  No
rib bars and
beautiful rosetting
on the shoulders.
Still in the fuzzies,
but already has a
very tight pelt!
Pictures taken
Sept 2007
This boy was one of the best Brown Spotted boys we ever produced at Bell Book N Bengal.  He
was placed in a pet home and never used in a breeding program.  Such a sweet boy, he is a
pleasure to have as a companion!