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Updated on 01-30-2010
The International
Bengal Breeders
The International
Cat Association
The International
Bengal Cat Society
Rockville Weimaraners
Okay,  so these poor animals are height-challenged, spot-challenged, and sadly, not
feline.  They are nice for canines! And they are born with patterns, even if the
pattern fades in a couple days.  Seriously, these are fantastic dogs, and this kennel is
making a terrific contribution to the breed. Visit this website and see some beautiful
and talented dogs!
The International Cat
Agility Tournaments
Are you looking for a
Bengal?  Consider
adopting a rescued
Bengal.  See our
page for information on
Bengals that are looking
for you.  
If a kitten is what you are looking for, please contact the
following catteries for available kittens:
Absolute Angels Cattery
Simply Simes Cattery