Fantasycats  Maji of Bellbooknbengal
Date of Birth: 4-24-03
Sire: Seth of Fantasycats
Dam: Bamboo Iesa of Fantasycats
NEWS! Maji has retired to a pet home.  He is currently enjoying a large home with two devoted
and loyal human servants, and a new sister bengal.
Our beautiful Maji is an absolute beauty, and is so Golden!  We are very excited about his
future litters! What a sweet boy he is, we are madly in love, and so are the Girls!!  Thanks to
Denise Gross at Fantasycats, and Diane Pizzanello at Tapastree Bengals for this wonderful
addition to our program!
What a special boy he is!  So
sweet and loving, he loves to
go with us, and is learning
about car rides now!  He
leash-trained in less than an
Pictures courtesy of Denise Gross, Fantasycats Cattery.  
Updated 01-30-2010