Spellbinding News
Bell Book N Bengal
Wow, what a year! Several changes have happened this past year that have diverted our
original plans.  First of all, we have moved, yet again.  Due to financial changes and health
stresses, we have decided to no longer breed our beautiful cats.  We will continue with our
rescue and training programs, as well as referrals to those who are looking for new kittens.  
Our new home does not have the facilities for many cats, so most of our work will be through
referral.  We have a few foster cats that will be placed as homes become available, and will
take in rescues as space becomes available.
All of our cats are now retired, and some have gone to forever pet homes.  We will miss them,
but we know they are happy in their new homes and are pleased to share them with others.  
See our
Bell Book N Bengal Cats page for links to our cats' home pages for fun pictures and
information about these wonderful cats.  
Updated on 01-30-2010
Though we are no longer producing kittens at Bell Book N Bengal, we hear there are still
wonderful kittens available at our sister catteries.  Please contact
Absolute Angels or Simply
Simes with questions regarding available kittens.
The kids at Rockville Weimeraners are really making the news!! Roger has been in a movie,
show records are accumulating and the kids are involved in Dog Dancing, Pet Therapy, Field
Trials, Dog Shows, Search and Rescue, Hollywood, it just never stops!!  Is there anything these
dogs can't do?  Oh, yeah, they really don't do litter boxes. Okay, I have been informed they
do use litter boxes! Maybe they are really big gray cats???  That would explain the
intelligence!! See these miracles in action, at their website:
Rockville Weimeraners
We will be experimenting with the possibility of an internet business in the future.  Look for
our new venture coming this year.  There will be more information as this becomes a reality.  
We hope to have several cat related products available for our friends and cat family.