Spellbinding News
Bell Book N Bengal
GREAT NEWS!!  We have bought a new home, and are now settled and finally getting things back
to whatever serves as "normal" for our crazy household!!  We are continuing to do foster care for
orphaned, abandoned, and homeless cats and kittens. We are also doing evaluations of "feral" cats
for possible placement in homes as pets, or to jobs as resident rodent infestation prevention on
ranches, farms, etc. As space is available, we will accept as many as possible, and continue to place
them in appropriate homes.
All of our cats are now retired.  Some have gone to forever pet homes, and though we miss
them, we know they are happy in their new homes.  Some of our beloved babies have also
gone over the Rainbow Bridge, after living long and happy lives as companions and family
members.  See our
Bell Book N Bengal Cats page for links to our cats' home pages for fun
pictures and information about these wonderful cats.  
Updated on 04-30-2018
Though we are no longer producing kittens at Bell Book N Bengal, we hear there are still
wonderful kittens available at
Simply Blessed Bengals.  Please contact Lori or Beth Bearry
with questions regarding available cats and kittens.
Our newest venture is participation in the Northern California Black Hat Society.  I am a
founding member of the Fairfield, California chapter of this group, and would love to share
this with fellow Pagans interested in being active in our community. We are focused on
helping our community, sharing our love of nature, and teaching our neighbors about who
we are and what we do. If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact the
Northern California Black Hat Society.
Lori Bearry of Simply
Blessed Bengals and one of
her beautiful cats.