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Mysti and Bodacious "flirting."
Marduk's mother,
Spothaven Vida Mia of Foothillfelines.
Water and Bengals, what a combination!!!!
No age is too young or old and when the water's running, everyone comes to play.
Spothaven Silver Marble boy, Aries, and some of Amber and Peyote's youngest were the
first to arrive this time!
"Watch closely little guys!"
"Look, this is how you turn it on, then you
get to play!"
Satine and Inanna

Satine's litter of 7 and Inanna's litter of 2

These girls love each other so much they even
share thier babies!!

Picture taken 9-14-04
Updated on 01-30-2010
Inanna and Satine, team
mates in the kitten game.
Eleven kittens between them
this time, and they still share
the litters. Whoever said cats
are loners, didn't know cats.  
They are usually happiest in
"pride families" or
"colonies." These were the
last litters for these girls.  
They are now retired and
living together as best pals.
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