Bellbooknbengal Pilikia
Date of Birth: October 14, 2005
Sire: Foothillfelines Marduk
Dam: Foothillfelines Mystic Maiden
Pilikia, is very typey, clear-coated, tight-pelted, and a wonderful example of the lines we have
brought together in this breeding.  She carries for glitter, has a very wild face and large
nocturnal eyes.  Look for her kittens later this year!
Such a sweet girl and very playful!
Being on the table is a NO NO.  
She obeys so well!!
Beautiful body with lots of
acreage and nice contrast. Very
nice glitter, too!
Guess where she found
the straw to play with on
the table???
Posing for the camera
like any real princess!
Updated 01-30-2010