Bellbooknbengal Racket Man
Date of Birth: February 15, 2005
Sire: Foothillfelines Marduk of Bellbooknbengal
Dam: Vallicatz Kahlua of Bellbooknbengal
This little guy gives a whole new meaning to the word "little."  He is a perfectly formed, tightly
pelted, healthy bengal kitten that is the size of a 4 week old kitten.  He is currently 13 weeks old,
and very vocal!  Full of ego, brains, and very agile, he is an incredible dynamo as an adult. Still
small but he rules his home!!
Pictures taken 5-20-05
Notice the fuzzies are going away!! This boy has  a VERY tight pelt
like his grandfather and father!
Baby Pictures
Updated 01-30-2010