Fantasycats Prince Beau
Date of Birth: 3-1-01
Sire: IW RW TGC King Cobra of Bamboo
Dam: Dream China Blue
This gorgeous Seal Mink Spotted Boy came to us from Fantasycats Cattery in Kentucky.
He is the son of IW RW TGC King Cobra of Bamboo Bengals.  Now over 20 pounds, he is
the largest of our boys, but thinks he is still a kitten!  He loves to take rides in the car,
hanging his head out the window in the wind!!  He has fathered many spectacular
kittens, and is now retired. He holds court over all our retired Queens!
Exercising Beau is a lot of work. This boy
needs lots of "running room."  At 20 pounds,
he takes our granddaughter Jamie for walks!
Walking jackets are great
for these cats, and easy to
use. Thanks to Holly
Webber at Foothillfelines
Cattery, for ours!
Updated 05-20-2014
Update: My sweet baby, Prince
Beau, passed over the Rainbow
Bridge in 2014 due to
complications of the Irritable
Bowel Syndrome that he suffered
from for several years. We miss
him very much, but he is happy
now and eating everything he
wants now.