Fantasycats Princess Belle
Date of Birth: 3-01-01
Sire: IW RW SGC King Cobra of Bamboo
Dam: Dream China Blue
Belle and her brother, Beau, were our first two Bengals.  They came to us as kittens, and we
were hooked immediately.  A true "snow bengal," Belle had no visible spots at birth.  She
didn't have any real obvious spots until she was over six months old!!  Her blue eyes and
very light pattern that developed late were an indication that she was a Lynxpoint Bengal,
like her mother.  Belle is the original "waterbaby," and will play in any water she can find!  
She loves the beach, and is completely attached to my husband. She will remain with us as
"Daddy's little Princess."
Updated 05-20-2014
Like her name implies, she is a
real Princess. Only a soft bed
(MINE!) is good enough for her,
and only one that is freshly
Now 8 yrs old, our Princess
Belle is still regal and
beautiful. She will tell you
what she thinks about
anything, and demands the
best seat in the house.  The
only feline she bows to is
our Dowager Empress, DC.  
She still adores Rick, and
tolerates the staff!