Bell Book N Bengal
Fun Photo Gallery
Aries to Draco:
"You can't hide,
you're busted!"
Choir director:
"Draco, pay attention!"
Belle's first litter,
and the first for Bell
Book N Bengal
Cattery! That's Loki
(marble) and Selene
next to him. Born
Valentine's Day 2002
Our oldest granddaughter, Jamie, age
7yrs, playing animal trainer with our
Bengal babies.
Updated on 05-20-2014
We have so much fun taking pictures of our fur babies, that we just have to share
them.  These cats are so active, you just never know what they will do next!!  Enjoy
these snapshots of life with our Bengals.
Belle's SUPER litter, 8 beautiful, healthy babies, and our first snow
kittens! Born on The 4th of July 2002