Bell Book N Bengal Photo Gallery
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This is a family photo:
Bellbooknbengal Marbelous Merlin and Bellbooknbengal Selene of Crystal River
Bengals with their first and only baby. (look closely between the parents.)  The kitten
is now grown, and siring kittens at Koty Katz cattery, as Crystalriver Duma of
Kotykatz. Photo courtesy of Bruce Knevitt
TGC Bellbooknbengal Loki
of Tapastree
(Photo Courtesy of Diane Pizzanello)
Nap Time!
Three separate litters running loose in the kitten room, chose the sunshine coming
through the window for this nap.  They all piled in and made a chance for this "Kodak
moment."  When have you ever seen this many Bengal kittens in one place, not
moving??? We get so few of these cute shots!  Pictured in this bunch, are
Bellbooknbengal Cobrette (Lynxpoint Marble in the middle,)  and
Bellbooknbengal Merlin (Brown Marble in the back.)
Updated on 05-20-2014