Date of Birth: Best guess Spring 2012
Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
Updated  05-20-2014
Hondo and his two sisters were rescued from a neighbor's front yard.  They were approimately 3-4
weeks old, heavily infested with fleas, very ill with respiratory infections, and being "played with" by
several of the adult feral cats in her yard. Hondo had several abcessed wounds, and was the smallest
of the three. His sisters recovered quickly and were adopted almost immediately after they were
spayed 4 weeks later.  Hondo needed a few weeks longer to gain weight and heal from his wounds
and infections.  By the time he was neutered, we had decided he would stay with us permanently.  
He is quite the character, and taught himself to play fetch. He is our foster kitten "babysitter," and a
great ambassador for the rescue program. He has definitely outgrown his runt status, and weighs 15
pounds now!!