Fantasycats Inanna of Bellbooknbengal
Date of Birth: 8-30-01
Sire: Bamboo Sir Lancelot
Dam: Isebel of Pharohspride
Inanna is an F3 Brown Spotted girl from ALC Taro's line. Like many Foundation cats, she
is shy with strangers, but very sweet with those she loves. Inanna is very intelligent, and
taught us to carry her in a crate instead of in our arms. She insists on riding in one, and
gets very upset if we bring a carrier and don't let her in it!! Inanna has been retired and is
now in a forever pet home.
Inanna's gorgeous eyes are the first thing anyone notices about her. They sparkle with
intelligence and are quick to note everything around her!
Like her mother, Inanna is happiest when
she is mothering someone!
Updated 05-20-2014