Vallicatz Kahlua of Bellbooknbengal
Date of Birth: 3-19-03
Sire: Fantasycats Prince Valiant
Dam: Miskah
This precious snow baby is a beautiful Seal Mink Marble granddaughter of King Cobra of
Bamboo. Her sparkling green eyes twinkle with mischief while she cons you into giving
her more treats! She loves the water, and takes showers with my granddaughter whenever
I'm not looking! Thank you, Debbie Raney for this absolute love!  Kahlua is now retired
and living with her best friend, and our oldest granddaughter, Jamie.  She is accompanied
by Bellbooknbengal Sampson, who is the close companion of our daughter, Mindy.
Here are Jamie and Kahlua in the 2003 Dixon
show.  Kahlua took first place in the costume
competition!  This kid can do anything with this
cat!!! What a pair they are!!
What can I say? Kahlua at
Christmas in her new sweater!!
Jamie says she loves it.  Who knows,
maybe she does??!!
Isn't she beautiful? A lovely young queen
with gorgeous green eyes.  And she KNOWS
Updated 05-20-2014