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Updated on 05-20-2014
The International
Bengal Breeders
The International Cat
The International
Bengal Cat Society
The International Cat
Agility Tournaments
Are you looking for a Feline Companion?  Consider adopting a Rescued or Senior cat.  See our Rescue
page for information on Cats and Kittens that are looking for you. Or you can contact your local
shelter or Rescue group. Below is a link to the Rescue groups we work with:
If you are looking for a Bengal show cat or kitten, or a
Highlander cat or kitten, we recommend the following catteries
for available cats and kittens:
Absolute Angels Cattery
Simply Blessed Cattery
Writer's Resource
Center of Solano County
Are you a budding author?  Do you write poetry in private?  Do you dream of publishing a book or
selling a screen play?  Stop waiting and start writing!! Join us and get started!!
Solano Feral Cat Group