Foothillfelines Magic Spot
Date of Birth: 6-9-02
Sire: Fantasycats Prince Beau
Dam: Gogees Marshamelo of  Foothillfelines
Magic was born all white like most "Snow Bengals."  Pictures taken of her at 6 months old,
show her to be a beautiful Seal Lynxpoint Spotted Bengal.  At her first show, she was seen by
several judges who could not decide her actual color category.  As she matured, her color
dramatically changed to a very definite Blue!! She was quite a surprise to all of us, when she
made her name a reality. This leopard really did change her spots!! She is glittered,
large-boned, and has a very thick, soft coat. Magic lives with her new family as a forever pet.
Updated 06-20-2014
This is Magic as an adult. Notice
the gray color to her pattern
now, and the lighter tail stripes.
Here are her publicity photos, taken by Jim
Brown, at six months old. Notice the brown
colored spots and dark tail stripes.