Bellbooknbengal Racket Man
Date of Birth: February 15, 2005
Sire: Foothillfelines Marduk of Bellbooknbengal
Dam: Vallicatz Kahlua of Bellbooknbengal
This little guy gives a whole new meaning to the word "little."  He is a perfectly formed,
tightly pelted, healthy bengal kitten that is the size of a 4 week old kitten.  He is currently
13 weeks old, and very vocal!  Full of ego, brains, and very agile, he will make a wonderful
pet for the household who wants a "small addition."
Pictures taken 5-20-05
Notice the fuzzies are going
away!! This boy has  a VERY
tight pelt like his grandfather
and father!
Updated 05-20-2014
Racket was placed with Penny and Dick Piotter and is a very special member of their
family. He has never gotten very big, but has a HUGE personality. He was never used in a
breeding program.