Bell Book N Bengal
Cat and Kitten Rescue
Reputable and responsible breeders of Bengals, worry about any cat or kitten they
place. We always want our furbabies to be happy, healthy, and safe.  This is the reason
for contracts, and the "inquisition" some of us put prospective buyers through.

Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that are not foreseen or preventable.  When
this happens, pets are often orphaned or abandoned. Sometimes the cat/human
relationships do not work out well together (like some human/human relationships) or
there are unhappy circumstances that force a separation.

We never like to see this happen, but knowing that it can, we do not ever want our
furbabies to end up in shelters or neglected. For this reason, many breeders work
together to form rescue groups.  These groups attempt to help people who can no
longer keep their cats/kittens, place them in appropriate homes. If this is not possible,
some breeders and volunteers house the cats/kittens, at their own expense, until a new
home can be found.  This can sometimes take a long time, and becomes a real strain on
those who are kind enough to do this.

This page is dedicated to those who are looking for homes.  If you are looking for a cat
or kitten, please consider one of these orphans. You may find the life companion you
have been looking for, and be able to rescue one of our lost babies. If you have any
questions, please contact me, or use one of the links provided.

Purrs to all and Blessed Be,

Debbie Arsich

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Updated on 05-20-2014
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Here are photos of some of the cats and kittens we have fostered here at Bell Book N