Silvergene Satine of Bellbooknbengal
Date of Birth: 2-11-01
Sire: QGC Dicaprio of Starbengal
Dam: Eeyaa Sterling Silver
At nine years old, Satine is retired and living with us.  She is still very regal and bossy!!  
She does love her catnip, and regularly forgets her age and weight (19 lbs) to race
through the house like a banshee!!  She is very sweet, and a real pleasure to sleep with!!
Regal lady,
Amazon build,
marked, and a
kitten at heart.  
What more could
you want in a
Don't let the
look fool you,
she is just
waiting for
me to leave
the room so
she can vault
off the high
places and
over the
Okay, this girl has a
large build, but pregnant
Topping 20 pounds the
day before she delivered
2 kittens!!!

By the way, NO ONE
dared to mention a diet
to her!!!!
Updated 05-20-2014
She has excellent lines and is a very BIG girl! Her son, Spothaven Malamute of
Foothillfelines is proving to be a terrific Silver stud for Holly!
We said a final good bye to our sweet Satine at age 11 yrs.  Cancer took her from us after
a year long fight. We miss her very much.