Bellbooknbengal TigerLily
Date of Birth: 9-9-03
Sire: Snopride Peyote of Bellbooknbengal
Dam: Fantasycats Inanna of Bellbooknbengal
TigerLily is a gorgeous F4 Brown Marble
girl.  She has a very wild look, clear coat,
chaotic pattern, and glitters!!  She is now at
home in Oregon, with HiDezert Cattery.  
Pictures taken at 3 months old,
this little girl has a wild look
and a sweet disposition. The
perfect Bengal!!!
Taken 1-10-04, she is now 4
months old and ready for the
shows.Look at how big her eyes
are!! No fuzzies left either.
Tiger Lily has the tightest pelt I have ever felt, and her coat glistens. She is glittered and
extremely clear coated.  Here she is at 10 months old!
Updated 05-20-2014