Bellbooknbengal Tristan
Date of Birth:03-07-06
Sire: Fantasycats Prince Beau
Dam: Silvergene Satine of Bellbooknbengal
Tristan is the last kitten from Satine, who is now retired.  He is big-boned like both his
parents, very sweet, and has a very nice head, short thick tail, and small rounded ears.  
Tristan has been placed in a pet home and was not used in our breeding program.
What a character this guy is.  Very loving and as sweet as both his parents.  
He is also a terrible snoop!! This trash
can was empty, but he was sure there was
something interesting in it!!  A minute
later, he fell into it!
Updated 05-20-2014
Tristan and Isolde, "helping with the
housework!"  They actually got the vacuum
started, scared them both witless!!
Tristan is growing into a beautiful, muscular boy!  He has the best of both his parents, and
beautiful green eyes!